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2019 Hunt Race Results

We held our launch event over two days in late September 2019, with cash prizes kindly sponsored by Abu Dhabi Falconers Club.

First Place – Jimmy Robinson on behalf of Safran

Falconer Jimmy Robinson and Wingbeat Pilot Matt Aggett, gained a well-deserved first place podium position with Gyr ‘Ameena’ after completing the Hunt Race in just 1:46.757.
Mr Sultan Al Mahmoud from Abu Dhabi Falconers Club awarded the prizes.


Second Place – Ben Kniveton on behalf of Safran

Falconer Ben Kniveton and Wingbeat Pilot Matt Aggett, came second place with Gyr ‘Dhuka’ after completing the race in 2:03.822.
Mr Sultan Al Mahmoud from Abu Dhabi Falconers Club, and Dr Nick Fox awarded the prizes.


Third Place – Alejandro Sola on behalf of Northumberland Crow Falcons

Falconer Alejandro Sola and Wingbeat Pilot Remy Van Wijk, claimed third place with Gyr x Saker ‘Slipstream’ after completing the race with a time of 2:12.747.



View all results for the Hunt Race below;


2019 Hunt Race

PositionFalcon Name Falcon OwnerPilotSpeciesRing NumberTimeGap
1AmeenaSafranMatt Aggett15/16 White Gyr0140FOX19X1:46.7570.000
2DhukaSafranMatt AggettGrey Gyr0148FOX19X2:03.822+17.065
3SlipstreamNorthumberland Crow FalconsRemy Van Wijk7/8 White Gyr/Saker1242FOX14W2:12.747+25.990
4James the judicator
the 1st
Roy LuptonRoy LuptonGyr x Peregrine12ROY.L17W2:21.772+35.015
5SabayaSafranMatt Aggett15/16 White Gyr0170FOX19X2:29.303+42.546
6BowMatthew PriceSimon LyddonPere/Lanner25WHC19W2:29.483+42.726
7AmraSafranMatt Aggett¾ Black Gyr0174FOX19X2:47.451+1:00.694
8SaharaNBC EnvironmentJohn Dickson¾ Gyr/Saker28NBC19W2:48.720+1:01.963
9StingrayNorthumberland Crow FalconsRemy Van WijkPeregrine/Saker3:07.260 +1:20.503
10SazmaSafranMatt AggettBlack Gyr0171FOX19X3:19.469 +1:32.712