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2019 Hunt Race Results

We held our launch event over two days in late September 2019, with cash prizes kindly sponsored by Abu Dhabi Falconers Club.

We welcomed 12 falcons into the Flat race, and another 32 falcons into the Hunt race.

First Place – Jimmy Robinson on behalf of Safran

Falconer Jimmy Robinson and Wingbeat Pilot Matt Aggett, gained a well-deserved first place podium position with Gyr ‘Ameena’ after completing the Hunt Race in just 1:46.757.
Mr Sultan Al Mahmoud from Abu Dhabi Falconers Club awarded the prizes.

Second Place – Ben Kniveton on behalf of Safran

Falconer Ben Kniveton and Wingbeat Pilot Matt Aggett, came second place with Gyr ‘Dhuka’ after completing the race in 2:03.822.
Mr Sultan Al Mahmoud from Abu Dhabi Falconers Club, and Dr Nick Fox awarded the prizes.


Third Place – Alejandro Sola on behalf of Northumberland Crow Falcons

Falconer Alejandro Sola and Wingbeat Pilot Remy Van Wijk, claimed third place with Gyr x Saker ‘Slipstream’ after completing the race with a time of 2:12.747.



View the placed falcons for the Hunt Race below;


Full Results from the 2019 Hunt Race

PositionFalcon Name Falcon OwnerPilotSpeciesRing NumberTimeGap
1AmeenaSafranMatt Aggett15/16 White Gyr0140FOX19X1:46.7570.000
2DhukaSafranMatt AggettGrey Gyr0148FOX19X2:03.822+17.065
3SlipstreamNorthumberland Crow FalconsRemy Van Wijk7/8 White Gyr/Saker1242FOX14W2:12.747+25.990
4James the judicator
the 1st
Roy LuptonRoy LuptonGyr x Peregrine12ROY.L17W2:21.772+35.015
5SabayaSafranMatt Aggett15/16 White Gyr0170FOX19X2:29.303+42.546
6BowMatthew PriceSimon LyddonPere/Lanner25WHC19W2:29.483+42.726
7AmraSafranMatt Aggett¾ Black Gyr0174FOX19X2:47.451+1:00.694
8SaharaNBC EnvironmentJohn Dickson¾ Gyr/Saker28NBC19W2:48.720+1:01.963
9StingrayNorthumberland Crow FalconsRemy Van WijkPeregrine/Saker3:07.260 +1:20.503
10SazmaSafranMatt AggettBlack Gyr0171FOX19X3:19.469 +1:32.712