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British Falcon Races 2020 – Finals


Join us for the 2020 British Falcon Racing Trials this September!

Finals to be held on Sunday 27th Sept.

Open to competitors, breeders and spectators, the Vowley Racing competition promises to be a highlight of the falconry season.

Cash prizes to be won in each race category!

♦  The Competition  ♦

The competition tests a falcons’ abilities in both straight line speed and aerial pursuit in an exciting and varied spectacle.

This year the trials will be held in the run up to the finals on the 27th September. Dates to be announced once registration closes and we have a clearer picture on the level of interest and social distancing measures required…safety first but fun and falconry a close second!

The Vowley Flat Race (Telwah) is a classic 400m straight flight sprint to the lure over level ground, timed between a start and finish beam. The fastest falcon wins!
View and download the Flat Race rules  

The Vowley Hunt Race is a simulated hunt of a remote-controlled robotic prey (Wingbeat Roprey), demonstrating the hunting abilities of the falcon; strength and fitness in the climb, speed in the stoop, aerial pursuit in the chase and accuracy in its footing of the Roprey. View and download the Hunt Race Rules

View and download the general Race Rules

♦  Wingbeat Roprey 

We’ve organised an exclusive discount of £100 off a Wingbeat Roprey model purchase (complete set only) for competition entrants!!

♦  Registration  ♦

Registration is free, but mandatory. You must complete the form below to register your parties interest in attending the British Falcon Races at Vowley. Tickets will only be available to registered parties and will be purchasable later in the year when the government guidance on hosting events is clear.
Please note that registration of interest does not guarantee a ticket at this stage, but allows us to plan accordingly in our efforts to satisfy demand. Due to the coronavirus, social distancing measures and restrictions on the number of attendees may apply.

♦  Event Prices  ♦
Due only upon purchase of a ticket

Adult entry: £25.00 per person
Child entry: £10.00 per child aged under 16yrs
Falcon entry: £30.00 per falcon, per race
Evening BBQ: £8.00 per person
Overnight falcon barn accommodation: £10.00 per falcon incl food


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the competition work?

Once a ticket has been purchased, the falcon must attend the trials to obtain a qualifying time. The 30 fastest falcons from each race will be entered into the finals on the 27th September 2020.

When will tickets be available for purchase?

Tickets will purchasable later this summer when we are certain the event can go ahead, and we’re clear on what form it may take dependant on the coronavirus situation at the time.

Is the event invitation only?

The event is open to all. However, registration is mandatory for you and your party to receive a link to purchase tickets later this summer.

When will the 2020 trials be held?

The trials will be held in the lead up to the finals on the 27th September 2020. Dates of trials will be announced once registration closes and will depend on the number of falcons entered.


Do I need to enter a falcon in order to attend?

A falcon isn’t required to attend the event. We welcome falconers, spectators, breeders and trades.

Can a falcon be entered into both races?

Yes, the same falcon can be entered into both the Flat race and Hunt race.

What falcons can enter the competition?

The Races are open to all falcons of any species, sex or age.
While the UK falcon racing scene is in its infancy, the races are open class, meaning falcons of different species compete head to head in the same category.

Do I need to bring my own Wingbeat Roprey model to participate in the Hunt race?

Yes, you are required to bring any of the Wingbeat Roprey models to take part in the Hunt race. The wings and fuselage must be factory finished, however the internal components may be modified if desired.

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