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Junior Falcon Racing Championship


Brand new for the 2021 season – The British Junior Flat Race Championship kindly sponsored by NBC Environment


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A flat race sprint over a reduced distance of 300 metres to the telwah or lure. A Falconer is placed in the Starting Box and unhoods the falcon who sees the second falconer (in this instance, the junior falconer) swinging a lure or telwah made of dried bird wings. As she leaves the starting box the falcon breaks the first beam and the clock starts. The Finish beam is set at 300 metres and the falcon flies low and fast up the course, so close to the ground that she can use ‘ground effect’ to enhance her wing strokes. 

The participant will then be required to call the falcon the distance from the starting gate to the lure or telwah, retrieve them from the lure to the fist, and secure the bird safely before leaving the course.

The Junior event is intended to promote the sport of falconry to the next generation and as such the ‘junior falconer/participant’ will be expected to be able to handle the bird with a reasonable level of confidence. The following penalties will be added to the participant final time: To clarify, a participant with a falcon that achieved a 18 second time who required outside verbal assistance to complete the task of collecting and securing the falcon from the lure would have 2 seconds added so have a total time of 20 seconds.

Outside assistance, verbal A verbal instruction is given to the participant from another team member 2 second
Outside assistance, physical The participant requires the assistance of someone to complete the task 4 second
Failure to secure the bird The participant fails to make the bird safe once recovered to the fist 1 second

The winner will be the participant with the lowest total time including any penalties.

Trophies and cash prizes available for podium positions! Presented by host Dr Nick Fox and Race Sponsor – John Dickson, NBC Managing Director.

1st place: £500 + trophy
2nd place: £350 + trophy
3rd place: £150 + trophy  

Cash prizes are kindly sponsored by NBC Environment.


First place position will also be invited to the following;

~ VIP hospitality for 3 in the NBC marquee on Sunday 26th September.
~ Opportunity to win the big money and join the NBC Team in the Hunt race in the September finals with one of John Dickson’s falcons… sharing the prize money 50/50!

NBC Environment Ltd are a leading wildlife management company that are trusted by leading brands, often selected to undertake more challenging and sensitive projects or projects with significant consequences. NBC has worked in some of the most diverse and challenging environments, including offshore, nuclear, rail, hospitals, housing associations and utilities to mention just a few. Our expertise are so recognised that we have worked on research and conservation projects with the likes of Bird Strike, Natural England, OPRED and the Scottish Natural Heritage.

Founded by falconer John Dickson in 1993 the company has long recognised the importance in supporting and encouraging emerging talent and as such are proud to support this the first , British Junior Falcon Racing Championship.

John said, “I hope the UK’s young falconers see this as an exciting opportunity to demonstrate their passion and showcase their falcons skills at the fabulous Vowley venue.”


Competing Team – £10 per team member, minimum of two team members required. Valid for the Junior race.
Falcon Race Entry – Flat race: £15


SATURDAY 25th | British Junior Falcon Racing Championship

Gates will open at 08:30am for a 09:30am start. The Junior Flat race will take place in the morning. *weather permitting.

08.30:  Gates Open
09.30:  Welcome Introduction
10.00:  Flat Race – up to 60 falcons per day
12:00: Have-a-go Piloting the Wingbeat Roprey
13.00: Hunt Race – up to 30 falcons per day
16.30:  Racing Finishes
16.45:  Awards Ceremony
18.30:  Gates Close

How to find us and other helpful information


Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th September – Practice days

Saturday 25th September 2021 – British Junior Falcon Racing Championship

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September 2021 – Novice & Open Stakes

All events are open to Competitors, Breeders and Spectators.


Race registration for the September Championships close midnight on the 5th September.

The race order will be randomly selected and announced w/c 6th September.


We will be open for informal practices on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th September. The gates will be open 9am – 5pm. These days are a chance to introduce your falcon to the course and local environment. Practice days are optional.


  • There is secure accommodation for 90 falcons on wakrs with 24hr attendance during the event.
  • There is a specialist falcon veterinary hospital in Swindon (10km), and an official falcon vet will be in attendance.
  • Falcons entered into the Flat race will need a GPS tag to enable efficient tracking and retrieval of falcons.

Learn more about falcon racing here


  • Dress – high standards of presentation throughout the weekend, however please do dress for the weather.
  • No pets are permitted onsite for falcon safety reasons.
  • Once you have purchased your ticket(s), you will be emailed confirmation. Closer to the event, you will receive an email containing a QR code – please save, download, or print it out – we will need to scan the code at the entrance.
  • Lunch will be available to purchase from catering vans onsite. 

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How to find us and other helpful information can be found here


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