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Vowley Racing Open Day


Introduction to Falcon Racing Open day

This event is currently on hold pending the easement of travel and lockdown restrictions.

Come along for an introduction to falcon racing and gain an insight into falcons hunting robotic prey (Wingbeat Roprey).

Falcon racing is one of the leading sports throughout the Middle-East with many of the worlds fastest falcons bred in the UK.

The Flat Race is a classic 400m straight flight sprint to the lure over level ground, timed between a start and finish beam. The fastest falcon wins!

The Hunt Race is a simulated hunt of a remote-controlled robotic prey, demonstrating the hunting abilities of the falcon; strength and fitness in the climb, speed in the stoop, aerial pursuit in the chase and accuracy in its footing of the Roprey. The aerial pursuit is an exciting and varied spectacle.

More information coming soon!


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