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Information for Competitors

Falcon racing in the UK, whilst growing rapidly, is still in its infancy with the first races held in 2019.

Every owner, breeder, trainer and falconer plays an important part in making the British Falcon Races at Vowley a success and together we can grow the sport on a truly international level. Thank you for your continued support and hours dedicated to training some of the best falcons in the world.


  • All falcons entered into the races will need to attend qualifiers. The purpose of qualifiers is to manage Falcon numbers for the final and reduce the chances of disruption by a falcon not fully focussed on the lure or Roprey.
  • Registration for race entries closes Sunday 5th September. This is to allow a Race Order to be finalised and the Race Order published.
  • We encourage you to name your Falcon and Race Team, however please keep these sensible and family friendly. We are aiming for British Falcon Races to be taken seriously on an International level.
  • All teams entering falcon(s) into the Hunt Race will need a Falconer and Roprey Pilot.
  • Should you need local accommodation or transport, visit our page with recommendations.


  • Please help us make the check-in process efficient by coming prepared with your QR code either printed or on a mobile device. Once checked-in you’ll be directed towards the secure Falcon Barn where you can settle your falcon prior to its race slot.
  • Competing falcons may be housed in the secure Falcon Barn. Only registered owners and competitors will be permitted to enter the barn. Additional guests may enter the barn if accompanied by an authorised person – owner, competitor, event staff.
  • Please help us prevent delays to the races by having your falcon ready in advance of its race slot.
  • The prize ceremony will take place at the Pavilion once all falcons have raced. Please be considerate to your fellow competitors and show good sportsmanship by attending the ceremony and celebrating a fantastic days racing.
  • A range of food and drink will be available to purchase on final race day. We are looking into catering solutions for the qualifying days, however at this point in time we encourage you to bring your own.


  • Falcons brought to, flown at or housed at Vowley are done so entirely at the owners risk. We have site wide CCTV and will have falcon barn security in place, but ultimately your falcon is your responsibility at all times.
  • Please bring your own Falcon food for the duration of your visit. We are able to store your food but ask that you please label it a sealed container. Feeding of falcons may only be done so in designated areas so as not to distract falcons which may be flying.


  • Cash prizes for race winners will be transferred to your account. Winners will be contacted for details.
  • We encourage you to share photos and videos from the events on your social media pages. Please remember to tag @vowleyfalconracing. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social pages, you might feature!

If you have any questions regarding race day arrangements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you.