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Vowley Racing is proud to be hosting the only International Falcon Racing event in Britain for a third year. The Novice and Open Stake races will take place on 21st – 22nd August and the Open Stakes and Season Final from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th September 2021!

The British falcon races are a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure to arguably the largest gathering of professional falconers and serious falconry enthusiasts in the UK. Falconry holds a firm position amongst other country field sports, attracting largely the same demographic with similar interests.

Vowley Racing is pleased to offer a range of sponsorship, exhibitor packages and advertising to suit all budgets and requirements. We are dedicated to providing value for money and look forward to working with you.

Click here to view/download our packages and for more details on the opportunities available for 2021.


Vowley is extremely grateful to the following Sponsors for their contribution to the events. Please take a look at some of the Sponsors below;

International Wildlife Consultants Ltd are generously sponsoring cash prizes for podium positions in the Novice and Open Stakes totalling £9,000. First place winners will also receive a trophy presented by host Dr Nicholas Fox.

IWC support the wise and sustainable use of wildlife and habitats. To this end the long-term well-being of habitats and wildlife populations are their first priority, followed by the welfare of individual animals.
To achieve these aims, IWC Ltd undertake front-line field research, hands-on management of habitats and wildlife, education of biologists, managers, end-users and the public, and consultancies on wildlife law and regulation.

NBC Environment are sponsoring the cash prizes and trophies for the British Junior Falcon Race Championship.
NBC Environment Ltd are a leading wildlife management company, often selected to undertake more challenging and sensitive projects. Their expertise are is recognised – NBC have worked on research and conservation projects with the likes of Bird Strike, Natural England, OPRED and the Scottish Natural Heritage.
Founded by falconer John Dickson in 1993, the company has long recognised the importance in supporting and encouraging emerging talent and as such are proud to support this first British Junior Falcon Racing Championship.

Ashley Clarke is kindly sponsoring exclusive Vowley themed gloves for 1st place positions in the Open Flat and Hunt races in September.
Ashley specialises in bespoke Falconry equipment, handcrafted in England, using only the highest quality of leather, threads and tools to create products that will last. 

AYAMA are the timing partner for the Flat Races for the 2021 season.
has been making Telemetry systems for 45 years. In 1993 AYAMA launched its specialist telemetry for Falconry and Pigeon Racing in Spain and Europe. AYAMA are kindly sponsoring the Falcon Races at Vowley as the official timing partner for the Flat Racing.

Marshall Radio Telemetry are the timing partner for the Hunt Races for the 2021 season.
Marshall designs and supplies premium GPS long-range tracking and recovery equipment to hunters, parrot free fliers, rocketry, and competitors around the world. Choose Marshall falconry transmitters, dog tracking collars and direction finding receivers
and you’ll have the most carefully engineered and reliable tracking system available.

Simon Tyers is kindly offering signed copies of his book The Specialist Falcon, to first place winners of the Hunt Race.
The Specialist Falcon is a study of falconry by a man with over 50 years’ experience who has taken the trouble to share it with us. Every element of gamehawking, particularly with gyrfalcons, is acutely observed and analysed: the result is fascinating. Nick Kester


We are pleased to announce the Exhibitors who have booked to come to the Falcon Races in September. Please take a look at some of our Trade Exhibitors below;


Manufacturers of the UK’s best in class dog boxes, double cab animal transit boxes and vehicle drawers.
More info about Animal Transit Boxes

Warren Salter will be with us on behalf on Ayama to help with all things timing and telemetry.
More info about AYAMA


The Falconry Heritage Trust aims to establish a portal for the world’s falconers and other interested parties to access aspects of the sports rich heritage by linking existing physical archives through the medium of an electronic archive.
FHT hopes that whatever your background or interest in the sport, you may find something of value through the archive to deepen your knowledge, understanding and passion for falconry. More info about FHT




Forbes Falconry are stockists of quality handcrafted falconry equipment at an affordable price.
More info about Forbes Falconry


Microsensory are a company dedicated to the research and development of innovative devices recognised and consolidated nationally and internationally. They design and develop GPS, GSM, satellite and radio tracking equipment for wildlife, falconry, hunting dogs, fleets, pets and people. Specialising in solar GPS telemetry. More info about Microsensory

Holly Raper launched Online Falconry Shop in 2012 with a small amount of falconry products available for purchase, but over the years their collection of falconry equipment has expanded to include premier falconry gloves, game bags, lures, leashes, swivels, bells and F10 cleaning and hygiene products. Online Falconry Shop prides itself on quality at an affordable budget and all products are tested in house on their own birds of prey from Eagles, Owls, Hawks to Falcons.
More info about Online Falconry Shop

Nicola specialises in producing coloured pencil, or graphite portraits of animals. Nicola provides highly detailed pictures that capture the character and individual personality of a well-loved pet.

View Nicola’s artwork


The Pursuit Falconry and Conservation magazine is published every quarter and brings articles from around the world written by falconers for falconers, promoting the Art of Falconry. Pursuit have produced a Special Edition magazine for the Vowley Races which will be available to purchase from their stand! Neil Davies will be manning the exhibition stand.
More info about Pursuit Falconry Magazine


A family run farm business, specialising in the breeding and rearing of top quality quail for the falconry sector.
Quail & Quarry started out as a free range hen egg farm, then produced quail eggs to supplement their hen eggs, before branching into rearing prime quail. They have developed our own bloodline of quail, which are a great food source for falcons. Every quail they sell has been bred, hatched and reared by them. They also test regularly for coccidiosis and rotavirus. More info about Quail & Quarry


Mark Parker has been making bespoke falconry equipment and teaching falconry in a professional capacity for over 22 years and is highly regarded within the Bird of Prey community as one of the best and most experienced falconry instructors in the UK.
More info about Silver Fox Falconry

Wingbeat, under the management of Benjamin Fox, produces the Roprey models used in the Hunt Race. Head to the Wingbeat outlet onsite to catch up with the latest in product  design, purchase parts or discuss piloting. More info on Wingbeat




Click here to view/download our packages and for more details on the opportunities available for 2021.