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Sponsors & Exhibitors


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Vowley Racing is proud to be hosting the only International Falcon Racing event in Britain for a third year. The races will take place on the last weekend in September, with qualifiers taking place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th ahead of the Season final on Sunday 26th September!

The British falcon races are a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure to arguably the largest gathering of professional falconers and serious falconry enthusiasts in the UK. Falconry holds a firm position amongst other country field sports, attracting largely the same demographic with similar interests.

Vowley Racing is pleased to offer a range of sponsorship, exhibitor packages and advertising to suit all budgets and requirements. We are dedicated to providing value for money and look forward to working with you.

Click here to view/download our packages and for more details on the opportunities available for 2021.

2021 Sponsors

Vowley is extremely grateful to the following Sponsors for their contribution to the event. Please take a look at some of the Sponsors below

AYAMA has been making Telemetry systems for 45 years. In 1993 AYAMA launched its specialist telemetry for Falconry and Pigeon Racing in Spain and Europe. AYAMA are kindly sponsoring the Falcon Races at Vowley as the official timing partner for the Flat Racing.

Ashley Clarke specialises in bespoke Falconry equipment, handcrafted in England, using only the highest quality of leather, threads and tools to create products that will last. Ashley is kindly sponsoring exclusive Vowley themed gloves for 1st place positions in the Flat and Hunt race final.

Trade Exhibitors

We are pleased to announce the Exhibitors who have booked to come and exhibit at the Falcon Races in September. Please take a look at some of our Trade Exhibitors below


Ashley Clarke will have a range of his handmade products available to purchase.
More info


Warren Salter will be with us on behalf on Ayama to help with all things timing and telemetry. More info


MARSHALL RADIO TELEMETRY  –  Marshall designs and supplies premium long-range tracking and recovery equipment to hunters and competitors around the world. The guys from Marshall will be on hand for technical help and sales. More info

This magazine is published every quarter and brings articles from around the world written by falconers for falconers, promoting the Art of Falconry. Neil Davies will be manning the exhibition stand at Vowley. More info


Wingbeat, under the management of Benjamin Fox, produces the Roprey models used in the Hunt Race. Head to the Wingbeat outlet onsite to catch up with the latest in product  design, purchase parts or discuss piloting. More info



Click here to view/download our packages and for more details on the opportunities available for 2021.